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Monday, November 10, 2014

NJSA 2B:14-4 Disqualification; Referral to Assignment Judge

a.Neither the Surrogate nor any employee of the Surrogates office may perform duties respecting a matter if the Surrogate is a fiduciary or has an interest in a matter.

b.When the Surrogate and employees are disqualified from performing their duties, the matter shall be referred to the Assignment Judge of the county for appropriate disposition.


2B:14-5. Filling vacancy in surrogates office
2B:14-5. Filling vacancy in Surrogates office. If a Surrogate does not take office within 30 days after the end of the preceding term or a vacancy occurs in the office of Surrogate, the Governor, with advice and consent of the Senate, shall fill the vacancy from the political party of the person last elected to the office. The person appointed shall serve until election and qualification of a successor. Election of a successor for a five-year term shall occur at the next general election unless the vacancy occurs within 37 days before the election, in which case it shall occur at the second succeeding general election.


2B:14-6. Recorded documents
2B:14-6. Recorded documents. The Surrogate shall record:

a.Orders and judgments of the Superior Court, Chancery Division, Probate Part;

b.Fiduciary bonds required by law;

c.Accounts of fiduciaries, disclaimers, revocations, renunciations and requests;

d.Wills proved before the Surrogate or the Superior Court, together with proofs;

e.Letters testamentary, of administration, of guardianship or of trusteeship issued by the Surrogate and relevant documents;

f.Receipts and releases given to fiduciaries; and

g.Other documents which the Surrogate is required by law to record.

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