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Monday, November 10, 2014

NJSA 3B:10-13 Duty to Apply in This State for Original Letters of Administration

When an intestate is resident in any county of New Jersey at his death, it shall be the duty of the heir or any other person desiring original letters of administration upon his estate to make application therefor to the surrogate of that county or to the Superior Court of this State.

Any person having knowledge of the grant in a foreign jurisdiction of original letters of administration upon the estate of a person dying resident in any county of New Jersey, shall give information thereof to the Superior Court.

The court may direct the clerk of the court to issue and have served subpenas or an order to show cause requiring the appearance before it, at a specified time, of any persons having any interest in the estate, and commanding them to abide the order of the court. The matter of the grant of letters of administration shall be wholly within the jurisdiction of the court.
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