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Monday, August 29, 2016

No Will - Administration of Estate in New Jersey NJSA 3B:10-2

NJSA 3B:10-2. To whom letters of administration granted
If any person dies intestate, administration of the intestates estate shall be granted to the surviving spouse of the intestate, if he or she will accept the administration, and, if not, or if there be no surviving spouse, then to the remaining heirs of the intestate, or some of them, if they or any of them will accept the administration, and, if none of them will accept the administration, then to any other person as will accept the administration.
If the intestate leaves no heirs justly entitled to the administration of his estate, or if his heirs shall not claim the administration within 40 days after the death of the intestate, the Superior Court or surrogates court may grant letters of administration to any fit person applying therefor.

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