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Wednesday, August 17, 2016

2015 Municipal Court College Book For Sale

Program Speakers Included: Kenneth A. Vercammen, Esq., Tara Auciello, Esq., John Menzel, Esq., Norma Murgado, Esq., Joshua H. Reinitz, Esq.
Price: $80.00

New Jersey's #1 guide to handling municipal court matters in your practice.
This information-
packed program is designed for attorneys who do
not concentrate in municipal court law, including general
practitioners seeking to expand into this practice area, and not
novice attorneys looking to create a niche practice. Seasoned
municipal court lawyers will also be able to brush up on their skills.

"Go back to school" to attend 6 half-hour segments and panel discussions that will provide
you with a working knowledge of municipal court law basics. You'll quickly be able to
represent clients in a wide range of cases you would normally have had to refer to others.
Gain confidence in your ability to handle municipal court law matters - make an investment in
your legal career and register today!

Program Agenda Included:
Gain insight and crucial information that will help you successfully represent clients in
every aspect of municipal court, including:
• The initial interview, getting retained and dealing with the prosecutor
• Driving While Suspended
• Drug Cases and DRE
• Assault and other miscellaneous charges
• DWI - Blood
• DWI - Alcotest
...and more!

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