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Thursday, August 18, 2016

3B:12-42 Reporting condition of wards person and property to court.

/3B:12-42. Reporting condition of wards person and property to court.

/A guardian shall report at time intervals as ordered by the court, unless otherwise waived by the court, the condition of the ward and the condition of the wards estate which has been subject to the guardians possession or control as ordered by the court.

/a./A report by the guardian of the person shall state or contain:

/(1)/the current mental, physical and social condition of the ward;

/(2)/the living arrangements for all addresses of the ward during the reporting period;

/(3)/the medical, educational, vocational and other services provided to the ward and the guardians opinions as to the adequacy of the wards care;

/(4)/a summary of the guardians visits with the ward and activities on the wards behalf and the extent to which the ward has participated in decision-making;

/(5)/if the ward is institutionalized, whether or not the guardian considers the current plan for care, treatment or habilitation to be in the wards best interest;

/(6)/plans for future care; and

/(7)/a recommendation as to the need for continued guardianship and any recommended changes in the scope of the guardianship.

/b./The court may appoint an individual to review a report, interview the ward or guardian and make any other investigation the court directs.

/c./Agencies authorized to act pursuant to P.L.1985, c. 298 (C.52:27G-20 et seq.), P.L.1985, c. 145 (C.30:6D-23 et seq.), P.L.1965, c. 59 (C.30:4-165.1 et seq.) and P.L.1970, c. 289 (C.30:4-165.7 et seq.) and public officials appointed as limited guardians of the person for medical purposes for individuals in psychiatric facilities listed in R.S.30:1-7 shall be exempt from this section.

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