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Wednesday, August 24, 2016

3B:12-64 When authority and responsibility of guardian terminate.

3B:12-64 When authority and responsibility of guardian terminate.

a.The authority and responsibility of a guardian of the person or estate of an incapacitated person terminate upon:

(1)the death, resignation or removal of the guardian;

(2)upon the death of the incapacitated person; or

(3)upon the entry of a judgment adjudicating the restoration of competency or termination of guardianship for other reasons.

b.However, termination does not affect the guardians liability for prior acts, nor the guardians obligation to account for funds and assets of the ward.

c.Notwithstanding the termination of the guardianship, the guardian may make final burial and funeral arrangements if the body remains unclaimed for five days and may pay for burial and funeral costs, Surrogate fees of administration, probate and bond from the guardianship account. Resignation of a guardian does not terminate the guardianship unless it has been approved by a judgment of the court.

d.Upon the death of an incapacitated person the guardian shall provide written notification to the Surrogate and shall provide the Surrogate with a copy of the death certificate within seven days of the guardians receipt of the death certificate.

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