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Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Administration of an Estate: How to Probate the Will

If you are named the executor or executrix, you must visit the County Surrogate to probate the Will. You will need the following items: 1. The Death Certificate 2. The Original Will 3. Names and Addresses of decedent's, next of kin and will beneficiaries 4. Minimum of $80.00 for Surrogate fees
A state inheritance tax return must be filed and the tax paid on the transfer of real or personal property within eight months after death.
OTHER ITEMS OF CONCERN TO BE PREPARED BY YOUR ATTORNEY -Trusts (and Medicare Trusts) -Power of Attorney- to allow a trusted person to administer your assets during your lifetime, either upon disability or now -Living Wills- to state your wishes concerning medical care in the event of your serious illness

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