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Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Examples Probate and Estate Administration Legal Services my Law Office can provide for the Executor of the Estate

Reviewing and analyzing the Will and advising the Executor as to the persons who will take the Deceased estate according to law;
Advising the Executor what must be done
Fill out Surrogate Information sheet and making arrangements for the Executor to go to the Courthouse to be appointed executor or administrator of the estate;
Preparation of mandatory Notice of Probate to Beneficiaries.
If charity, notice to Atty General
File notice of Notice of Probate with Surrogate
Apply to Federal Tax ID #
Help executor Set up Estate Account at bank (Executor should pay all bills from estate account)
Prepare Inheritance Tax Return and obtain Tax Waivers
File Inheritance Tax waivers within 8 months upon receipt
Assist in sale of Real estate and other major assets
Follow up first Federal and State Income Tax Return and NJ Estate Tax [CPA will handle- ex Marc Kane]
Assist Executor to prepare Informal Accounting

Prepare Release and Refunding Bonds and serve on beneficiary
Obtain Child Support Judgment clearance
For beneficiaries unhappy with the performance by the Executor my Law Office can provide the following services:
File a Verified Complaint and Order to Show Cause requesting the following:
1. That the named executor be ordered to provide an accounting of the estate to plaintiff and sell any remaining Real Estate and assets
2. Executor be ordered to provide an accounting for all assets of dated five years prior to death if they had access to assets
3. That the Executor be removed as the executor/administrator of the estate and that another family member be named as administrator of the estate.
4. Declaring a constructive trust of the assets of the decedent for the benefit of the plaintiff and the estate.
5. That the Executor be barred from spending any estate funds, be barred from paying any bills, be barred from taking a commission, be barred from writing checks, be barred from acting on behalf of the estate, except as specifically authorized by Superior Court Order or written consent by the plaintiff.
6. Demand Payment of plaintiffs attorneys fees and costs of suit for the within action by the estate
7. Prepare and serve Interrogatory Questions and Demand for Documents on the Executor to answer.
A more detailed list of services is available on our website
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Probate/ Inheritance/ Estate Administration
         Please fill out completely and fax or mail back. This form is extremely important. Your accuracy and completeness in responding will help me best represent you. All sections and information must be filled out prior to sitting down with the attorney.


YOUR NAME _____________________________________________

ADDRESS _______________________________________________

CITY ______________________ STATE ____    ZIP _____________

CELL (____)_____________________________________________

PHONE-DAY(____)_______________ NIGHT (____)______________

Email   _______________________________________________

Decedent’s Name    _______________________________________

Date of Death (mm/dd/yy) ___ ___ /___ ___ /___ ___ ___ ___  

Referred By:     __________________________________________
       If referred by a person, is this a client or attorney?  If you heard about the law office on the Internet, which search engine?  What search terms did you use?

Your relation to the person who passed away: __________________

Date of Will? (mm/dd/yy) ___ ___ /___ ___ /___ ___ ___ ___
(If no will, write no will)

Location of original Will __________________________________

Executor/ Administrator if not person filing out this form: ___________

TODAY'S DATE ____/_____/__________      
              Probate Q-Inherit  Quest       rev 1/15/15

*All Pages and Information must be filled out prior to seeing the Attorney.  This information is required by the Surrogate's Office and the Inheritance Tax Bureau.
Indicate if Surrogate Probate letters were issued and which county issued:


County of Residence     ________________________________

Decedent’s S.S. No.     ___ ___ ___ /___ ___ /___ ___ ___ ___

       *The following questions are required by the Surrogate's Office and the Inheritance Tax Bureau to be answered.  Please answer all these questions to the best of your knowledge so we can best help you. If none, write none.

SCHEDULE “A” REAL PROPERTY  If none, write none

1. Street and Number _____________________________________

Town: ____________________

Lot: ___ Block:  ____ County: ____________________

Title/Owner of Record: _______________

Tax Assessor Assessed Value: $____________________

Full Market Value of Property:  $____________________ 

Mortgage Balance: $______________________ [if none write none]

Any other Real Estate: $______________________

         All Other Personal Property Owned Individually or Jointly; Market Value, Indicate the Manner of Registration at Date of Death.
         If none, write none for each line
Name of Bank, Acct. # _____________                            $_________

___________________________________________   $_________
___________________________________________    $_________
Stock - Name of Stock Co., Acct. # ________________  $_________
___________________________________________   $_________
Cars _______________________________________   $_________
Other assets over $10,000 ______________________  $_________
MUNICIPAL & CORPORATE BONDS [ if none write none ______
___________________________________________  $_________
___________________________________________  $_________
___________________________________________  $_________
___________________________________________  $_________
___________________________________________  $_________

SCHEDULE B  Closely held Businesses? Yes  _____  No ______
SCHEDULE C  Gifts/Transfers of more than  $13,000 within 3 years prior to death? Yes  _____  No ______

Estimated Expenses for Funeral  $ ____________________

Paid Estate Administration Expenses   $ ____________________

Other Administration Expenses   (list individually), attach receipts.
Major debts of estate, inc credit card
 Expense _________________ $ ____________________
 Expense _________________ $ ____________________
 Expense _________________ $ ____________________
 Expense _________________ $ ____________________
 Expense _________________ $ ____________________

(State full names and addresses of all who have an interest, vested, contingent or otherwise, in estate)

NEXT OF KIN:  RELATIONSHIP:   ADDRESS:   APPROX. AGE:    % INTEREST:                                     






       In case of Intestacy [no Will], the parentage of all collateral heirs (such as nieces, nephews, cousins, etc.) must be set forth. The relationship of stepparent, stepchild, stepbrother or stepsister must be so stated.

Any specific bequests/gifts in Will? _________________________


State full names of all beneficiaries who died before or after decedent's death:



1. Real Property - Schedule A                            $_______________
2. All Other Assets    - Schedule B(1)                $_______________
  Gross Estate . . Total Lines 1 thru 4     $_______________
  Deductions/Expenses . . . - Schedule D   $_______________

Is the decedent’s taxable estate plus adjusted taxable gifts exceed $675,000?       Yes __ No ___ If yes, by how much $ _______
Have or will you file a NJ Estate Tax Return for estates over $675,000.?      __________________
Any gifts within the past 5 years over $10,000 _______________

Are there any errors or corrections needed on the Death Certificate?
                                                                        Yes __ No ___
Has or will any disclaimer been filed by a beneficiary of the Will?
 If so, attach copy  Yes _ No _

What questions do you have? Write down below.  How can we help you?
Is there anything else important?




New clients:    When you come into the office would you like:

T-Shirt __, Pens ___, Foam can holder ___,  USA key chain ___, Calendar ___
         Please pick in reception area. All new clients will also receive our Free Email Newsletter featuring updates in Probate, Traffic Law, and Personal Injury/ Insurance.   Thank you.     
1.  Attach a photocopy (not original) of the  Will, 
2.  Death Certificate, 
3.  codicils, trusts. This is required by the Surrogate's Office (Tax Bureau). In the future will also need photocopies of the Deed and Tax Bill to submit to the Inheritance Tax Bureau.  

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