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Thursday, August 11, 2016

NJSA 2B:14-7 Acknowledgment, Proof

2B:14-7. Acknowledgment, proof

 Receipts and releases shall be acknowledged or proved prior to recording. The acknowledgment or proof shall be recorded with the receipt or discharge by the Surrogate of:

a.The county which is issuing the relevant letters;

b.The county where the seller of real estate resides; or

c.The county where the trust-related property is located.


2B:14-8. Recording
2B:14-8. Recording. The Surrogate shall determine the means of recording instruments and the county shall furnish equipment and supplies for recording.


2B:14-9. Filing
2B:14-9. Filing. On the first Monday in January, April, July and October, annually, the Surrogate shall file with the Clerk of the Superior Court indexes of all wills proved before the Surrogate or the Superior Court and a report of all letters of administration granted in the previous three months.


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