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Wednesday, August 24, 2016

NJSA 3B:13-2. Definitions

NJSA 3B:13-2. Definitions

3B:13-2. Definitions
As used in this chapter:

a. Federal agency means any bureau, office, board or officer of the United States by whatever name known, now or hereafter charged by Congress:

(1) With payment of pensions, bounties and allowances to veterans of the military service of the United States, their widows, children, mothers and fathers, or

(2) With the administration of the affairs of any of the aforesaid persons who may be minors or mentally incompetent or to manage pensions, bounties and allowances payable to them;

b. Military has reference to the army, navy, marine, air and coast guard services;

c. Estate and income include only moneys received by the guardian from a Federal agency and earnings, interest and profits derived therefrom;

d. Benefits means moneys payable by the United States to the aforesaid persons or their guardians through a Federal agency;

e. Chief officer means an officer of a Federal agency, charged by the laws of the United States with the particular duty in connection with which the term is used;

f. Ward means a beneficiary of a Federal agency;

g. Guardian means a person acting as fiduciary for a ward.

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