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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

18:26-3.8 Certificate of inheritance


N.J.A.C. 18:26-3.8 (2014)

§ 18:26-3.8 Certificate of inheritance

   (a) The Director shall not issue any certificate or other evidence of inheritance, succession or legacy tax paid this State in the estate of a resident decedent for use before the Internal Revenue Service in an estate tax proceeding until all inheritance, succession or legacy taxes have been paid or payment duly provided for, but the Director may, in his discretion pending final determination of all inheritance, succession, legacy, transfer or estate taxes due this State, issue temporary or preliminary certificates, so marked, showing payments in account of such taxes.

(b) Since the Director is precluded from issuing a certificate for payment of taxes to this State until the estate tax due this State has been paid or it has been established that there is no tax due, and since this cannot be done until the Internal Revenue Service has finally fixed the amount of Federal estate tax chargeable it follows that the certificate cannot be issued in time for filing simultaneously with the Federal estate tax return (Form 706). This fact, however, will not in any way jeopardize the estate's claim for a credit in the Federal estate tax proceedings for taxes paid this and other states.

(c) Proof of such payments can be submitted to the Internal Revenue Service after receipt by the estate of notice of final assessment, and allowance will be made at that time for credits properly established. The Transfer Inheritance Tax Branch will use best efforts to expedite estate tax assessments.


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