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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

18:26-4.1 Domicile doubtful; terms of settlement


N.J.A.C. 18:26-4.1 (2014)

§ 18:26-4.1 Domicile doubtful; terms of settlement

   (a) Where the Director claims that a decedent was domiciled in this State at the time of death and the taxing authorities of another state makes a similar claim with respect to their state or states and an investigation discloses a reasonable doubt regarding domicile, the Director may, in his discretion, enter into a written agreement with such taxing authorities and the executor, administrator, or trustee, fixing the sum acceptable to this State in full settlement of the transfer inheritance tax of this State; provided, that said agreement also fixes the sum acceptable to such other state or states in full settlement of the death taxes imposable by said state or states; and, provided further, that said agreement has the approval of the Superior Court of this State.

(b) If the aggregate amount payable under such agreement to the states involved is less than the maximum sum allowable as a credit to the estate against the Federal estate tax imposed thereon, then the executor, administrator or trustee shall also pay to the Director so much of the difference between such aggregate amount and the amount of such credit as the amount payable to the Director under the agreement bears to such aggregate amount, and the agreement aforesaid shall so provide.

(c) Payment of the sum or sums fixed by said agreement shall be accepted by the Director in full satisfaction of this State's claim for transfer inheritance and estate taxes which would otherwise be chargeable under the law.

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