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Thursday, May 4, 2017

Records and items for Executor to Locate

Records and items for Executor to Locate
Record Type                             Location
Personal History
q Adoption papers
q Animal care information            
q Annulment decrees or judgments            
q Appointment book or calendar   
q Athletic awards   
q Award certificates           
q Birth certificates
q Change of name certificates       
q Child care information   
q Civic awards        
q Divorce decrees or judgments     
q Dramatic awards
q Driver’s license   
q Educational awards         
q Educational certificates  
q Educational transcripts   
q Employment awards       
q Keys to residence           
q Keys to post office box  
q Keys to safe deposit box
q Keys to vehicles
q Keys to other real estate            
q Lock combinations         
q Membership awards        
q Membership certificates
q Military awards   
q Military separation papers          
q Music/CDs catalog          
q Naturalization papers     
q Other awards       
q Passport
q Passwords           
q Photo albums      
q Photos    
q Property care information         
q Security system information       
q Tax returns and records  
q Time-share records         
q Videos/movies catalog    
q Other      
q Other      
q Other      
Family History
q Adoption papers
q Birth certificates
q Family tree         
q Marriage certificates       
q Newspaper articles          
q Photo albums      
q Portraits
q Other      
q Other      
q Other      
Insurance Policies
q Automobile         
q Life insurance     
q Long-term care   
q Medical   
q Medicare card     
q Medicare Part D
q Residential          
q Umbrella
q Other insurance  
q Other insurance  
q Other insurance  
q 401(k) agreements         
q 403(b) agreements          
q Disability agreements     
q IRA agreements  
q Keogh plan agreements  
q Military separation papers          
q Pension agreements        
q SEP agreements  
q Social Security card         
q Social Security statement            
q Workers’ compensation
q Other      
q Other      
q Other      
Banking and Savings
q CD account statements   
q Checking account statements     
q Credit union account statements
q Savings account statements        
q Savings bonds      
q Other      
q Other      
q Other      
q Brokerage account statements    
q Savings bonds      
q Other      
q Other      
q Other      
Real Estate
q Deeds      
q Home improvement records       
q Land contracts    
q Leases     
q Mortgages           
q Reverse mortgage           
q Tax records        
q Time-share agreements  
q Other      
q Other      
Other Assets and Debts
q Business records  
q Collectibles         
q Computers          
q Copyrights          
q Credit card contracts      
q Jewelry appraisals           
q Jewelry inventory           
q Patents and trademarks  
q Rare books          
q Vehicles  
q Vehicle certificates of title         
q Warranties          
q Websites
q Other      
q Other      
Estate Planning
q Trust agreement
q Will and codicils
q Other      
q Other      
q Other      
Final Wishes
q Body bequeathal papers  
q Celebration of life arrangements
q Cemetery deed    
q Cremation arrangement  
q Ethical will/legacy documents     
q Preneed funeral contract            
q Legacy information        
q Letters to be sent           
q Mausoleum deed  
q People to contact           
q Pet continuing care        
q Uniform donor card        
q Other      
q Other      

Source ABA/AARP Checklist for Family Survivors
Executor to do

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